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Nov 10


Labor MP Ian Hunter

Great news, and further momentum today in Australia.  Ian Hunter MLC – A Labor member of the South Australian Parliament – is introducing a same sex marriage bill into that state parliament. It will be co-sponsored by Tammy Franks MLC from the Greens.

It’s great news from both of them, but especially significant for the pressure it puts on others in the Labor party across Australia to declare their hand.   From the unions to the right-wing heavyweights, to the national Left faction and now to individual MPs like Ian Hunter – there is support everywhere.

Do we have a majority in Canberra?  Not yet – but the point is the debate cannot be stopped now. It’s been happening and now it will keep happening in state parliaments …. Until Julia Gillard wakes up and realises she doesn’t have the power to stop people talking about matters that dramatically affect, and harm, their daily lives.

“I sense the mood for change in the country and the I sense the mood for change in the Labor party,” yes indeed Ian Hunter.

PS. Ian has been supporting Rainbow Labor from the outset – good to see him follow it through to the end.