Fuck Yeah Bangya

Long time no talk, bitches.

I have been pulled out of my very nice retirement by a rash of stupidity that far outreached even my levels of toleration. I had to jump through hoops and back over the last few weeks to gather information, reset passwords, expel morons and psychos, and overall overhaul all this shit. Sorry it doesn’t have a nice bow on top yet.

I don’t want to get into talk about my personal and private life, but when I handed this site off it was in the best of intentions. The individual(s) I gave the blog to seemed to be sane, tolerant people who were willing to continue the bangya way of being bitchy but not cruel, accepting and helpful yet unwilling to deal with bullshit. This was a place I wanted to be safe, funny, and maybe only slightly bitchy. I mean, let’s be honest– we are a bunch of bangya. There is nothing really nice about that.

I imagine you can guess the post I decided went too far. That was when I found out about all the other fuckery in the background. I had been locked out of the account for a long time and had to raise hell to get it back. But now I have it, changed the locks, threw away the key, and put someone who is willing to not be an asshole in charge, I want to go back to my nice retirement, sitting in my nice apartment surrounded by bandmen. Or whatever you think I am getting up to.

Keep on being your crazy selves, Nonnies. I’m rooting for you.


Updated: August 1, 2020 — 2:14 am

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