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Anonymous asked: Can you do a headcannon with the teen reader having a big brother/father like relationship with Bucky and Steve

I live for a good big bro/father relationship.

They both worry about you but in very different ways:

-If you tell Steve your sick he’ll break out the home remedies and soup.

-Bucky’s gonna get you so drunk on Nyquil you might be asleep for a few days.

They’re both fiercely protective of you

-If you tell Steve you’re having trouble with bullies he’ll teach you how to defend yourself and he’ll assure you that you are important.

-If you tell Bucky however he’s going to comfort you then scare the shit out whatever kid or group of kids that has been bothering you.

In the event that you get in trouble

-If you were doing what’s right then both Steve and Bucky are going to have your back no matter what. Steve will 10/10 get into a fist fight with a teacher, parent, and/or principal. Bucky will hold him back.

-If you were in the w rong however, you are about to get the longest lecture of your life.

Bucky gives the best hugs.

Steve cooks the best.

Steve also does that thing where he ruffles your hair as a sign of affection.

~Mod Lillian

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asked: Ok so I love both my mans to death, but I’m also P-E-to the-T-T-Y petty and that leaving Erik post hurt me a little so what about leaving T’Challa for Erik?

As someone who could NEVER do such a thing I’m afraid I cannot relate… buuuut as someone who is both sarcastic and petty here we go…

“Yeah I mean being among royalty is cool if you want to sit around and look at all of T’Challa’s potential wives all day.” 

When Erik challenges T’Challa you decide to come along to watch. Jokes  will be made. “Honestly Erik you’d think a man who spent so much time in cat costume would know a thing or two about pussy.”

~Mod Lillian

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Anonymous asked: Picking out baby things with T’Challa?

I just spent a while thinking about T’Challa picking up baby shoes and being like “Darling look! Look at them! They are so small!”

“They’re baby shoes.”

“We must get all of them.”

He’s helpful when he’s not fantasizing about what his kid will be like. 

~Mod Lillian

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asked: OMFG, headcanon for leaving Erik’s admittedly-sexy, but still stank-ass-fake-ass self for The Real, Committed One, T’Challa? 😀 😀


I just imagine that  T’Challa has a great sense of humor and like whenever Erik tries to challenge him to be Black Panther he’s like Bitch you’re not even fit to be in the presence of my wife how the hell are you gon’ challenge me…? Boy get outta here.

Making jokes at Erik’s expense with T’Challa when Killmonger is being problematic. “I mean he was predictable in bed, he can’t be that spontaneous in battle.” Giggling like twelve year olds about that.

~Mod Lillian

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Anonymous asked: How do the avengers react to the (teen) reader doing the hell challenge on them lol


I just imagined it with Steve and I thought of that comic on tumblr somewhere where like Tony says Fuck and Steve gasps then covers Peters ears and walks away with him then later on Peter says fuck and Steve is gasping while beating up Tony.



Steve is so confused because obviously you couldn’t have been talking to him. I mean what could have possibly possessed you to do that. He s tops all that nonsense with a glare and a firm tone.


To be honest he didn’t expect it but he’s not particularly bothered either. Expect a quip like, “My gosh, you kiss your mother with that mouth? You children and your technology. It’s corrupting the youth.”


Plays along and gets upset, but like way more upset than would be normal thus scaring you into apologizing at which point she smiles and tells you, you’ve got to do better than that to get a rise out of her.

~Mod Lillian ( I was gonna do more but finding gifs is hard.)

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Anonymous asked: I love your headcanons. They’re just so wonderful and cute. I know it’s early (but I’m a sucker for the holiday spirit). Could you do some headcanons about Sam, Steve, T’Challa, and Tony around the holidays. ??

Sam: He cooks A LOT of food and invites all of the Avengers who aren’t going to Tony’s party (namely Steve and Wanda). Christmas isn’t particularly religious for him its just a way to get all of his friends in one place and to show the love by roasting them all night.

Steve: He goes to Sam’s dinner and he brings gifts for everyone. I get the feeling that steve is a master gift giver. Like he gets you things you forgot that you needed. All of his gifts serve a functional purpose. He likes to think that he’s better preparing his friends for the days to come. On of his favorite part of the holidays is seeing all the lights and decorations, but I think what he values most is time with his loved ones.

T’Challa: Not sure what holiday would be celebrated in Wakanda honestly. Since colonialism didn’t happen there I highly doubt it’s christmas….

Tony: Super extra. Like he gets a craz y gigantic Christmas tree like the kind you’d find at a mall. He throws a christmas party every year with spiked eggnog and an open bar. He always drinks a little too much and winds up drunkenly singing Santa Baby to you and trying to give you a lap dance.

~Mod Lillian (I just assumed Christmas because it’s what I celebrate and I don’t know much about other holidays)

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asked: What would it be like to be gfs with mj?

My god yes, I love her!!!

Being with her is like breathing, she’s your best friend.

She isnt big on PDA but if you sneak a kiss during lunch she won’t be able to make a sentence for an hour.

She’d probably like to hold hands.

Being the only one who hears the quiet snide comments she makes during lectures. They’re absolutely hilarious so you’re always just barely containing laughter.

Sleepovers where you braid each others hair, do face masks, and kiss each other until your breathless.

~Mod Lillian (Would anyone like an MJ/Reader fic)

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Anonymous asked: Headcanons for making out with T’Challa?

I am pulling a blank on this one. And I’m not sure why…. it’s probably because I’ve kissed like two people in my life… Does anyone else have headcanons?

~Mod Lillian

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asked: Also!! I loved the music “the revolution will not be televised” & “bow down”

YES! I know for a fact I’m gonna want that soundtrack.

~Mod Lillian

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Anonymous asked: I’m seeing all these people say they’ll be pining over Nakia in the movie but man I’mma be pining over Okoye. My girl Danai looks so good.

Oh make NO mistake ya girl is fucking lovestruck over Okoye too.

Honestly I tear up every time I see Shuri too.

What I mean to say is that this movie is about to wreck my poor bisexual heart.

~Mod Lillian

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