Jim Wallace, professional fool, Australian Christian Lobby

Photo credit: Adam McLean

The Australian Christian Lobby is proving itself to be another one of those ‘astro-turf’ organisations that, like the National Organisation for Marriage in the United States, does nothing but press politicians to blur the separate of church and state and harass minorities.

Their leader, Jim Wallace, chose Australia’s ANZAC day (a veteran’s day) to announce that he thinks that Australian soldiers didn’t fight two World Wars to let “gay marriage and Islamic” (sic) take over his country.

This fool made it worse by then apologising for having a negative impact on “the day” after his Tweet predictably sparked outrage.  No apology for the gays or the Muslims he offended then.

Sorry I was so slow to bring you the news – I was actually at the battlefields in France (Villers Bretonneux) commemorating the dead.  So I guess that goes to show how incompatible gays and Australian values are!

You can call or text Wallace’s spokesperson here: Katherine Spackman +61 (0)408 875 979. You can call the Australian Christian Lobby on: +61 (02) 6259 0431



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